A grateful lady travels 6,000 kilometers to save a stray dog which protected her from a terrible meeting on a beach while on vacation

A woman traveled to Greece in search of a dog that had saved her once. The woman took the puppy home with her as a way of saying thank you to the animal. This is how it went down. She used to spend her vacations in Greece.

Two men approached her on a lonely beach. They offered her a drink, but she declined, and one of them grabbed her hand. The dog leaped up and barked at the people, who ran away. The dog, she claims, saved her when she recognized something was wrong.

The dog accompanied the girl to her new home. The dog followed her as she drove to the airport and chased after the car. The woman went to Greece two weeks later to get the dog.

First, she had to take the pet to the doctor to get the proper documentation,without which she would be unable to transfer the animal.

The woman and her dog rushed home when the dog became pregnant and gave birth to six puppies. What a wonderful story, isn’t it? What do you think?

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