A Golden Retriever falls in love with the dog next door, and the rest is pretty much a fairy tale

Lilo and her mother Ember moved into their new house in March.

Lacky was among the first to meet the newcomers. His yard was separated from Ember’s by a wooden fence, yet despite the barrier, the two canines quickly became acquainted.

‘We’d never lived close to other dogs before, and Lilo was overjoyed to see another dog on a regular basis!’ Ember stated.

Lacky’s approaches were met with Lilo’s reciprocation, but her parents saw it as nothing more than a blossoming friendship. ‘Lilo would always rush up and greet him with some licks,’ Ember said.

‘The principal thing she’ll do when we let her out is bounce up to the fence to check whether Lacky is out,’ Ember said. ‘If Lacky isn’t out, she’ll sit by the gate and wait.’ Lacky found Lilo equally appealing and even devised a technique to be closer to his sweetheart.

Nothing makes the two dogs happier than the wonderful moments they spend together. Fortunately, Lilo’s parents understand her boyfriend’s regular visits. If Lacky and Lilo show us anything, it’s that love can’t be contained.

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