A golden-colored mother dog gave birth to unique and different puppies

Sam and Kate work at a South Carolina animal sanctuary for the strays.

And it was from the shelter that they got Rose, a beautiful golden-colored dog. So she stayed with the couple for a while and then surprised them by becoming pregnant.

The pair was excited about the occasion, and they were looking forward to babysitting the cubs. And now Rosie has given birth to four cubs, with ease, and the kittens have proven to be healthy and attractive.

Only one thing startled them: none of them resembled their mother, in the sense that they were essentially different from her.

And the thing is, all four cubs were born with a spotted tint that reminded them of Dalmatians, but they weren’t spotted at all.

The puppies amused and fascinated Kate and Sam, who playfully referred to them as cows.

The couple, like Rose, expected golden kids, but they were most likely not paying attention to their pet, who had met a Dalmatian someplace.

Rosie proved to be a loving mother who looked after her children. They were then distributed among loving households as they grew older.

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