A girl with autism who is 9 years old has higher intelligence than Hawking and Einstein

People are pleased to acknowledge the genius of previous scientists. However, it is challenging to accept that their neighbors may be brilliant.

Despite the fact that she is only ten years old, she was able to obtain not only a high school diploma but also two engineering degrees from some of the nation’s most prestigious universities.

It gives the wrong impression at first. She began studying on an individual program as a result of this.

The actual finding was that she has an IQ of 162 units. Adriana’s genius continues to grow and may one day bear fruits that will benefit humanity as a whole.

Space was the primary focus of the girl’s decision to seriously engage. She is making serious preparations for becoming an astronaut.

Adriana presented a scientific paper on the study of the universe , which has already received high praise from space experts.

She now longs to attend the University of Arizona, which conducts extensive space research and works closely with NASA.

The president of this educational establishment has already issued a similar invitation. They are reaching out to children with autism via the internet to begin making their dreams real.

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