A girl whose genetic make-up makes it possible for her to be a successful model

Nina, who lives in Kentucky, has an unusual genetic mark on one side of her face: her eyelashes and eyebrows are completely white.

She tried for a long time to cover this feature up with makeup, but she eventually got tired of doing it.

However, at some point, the girl made the decision to create her own Tik Tok, where she displayed her natural appearance.

Immediately, a large number of followers were added to the account. In fact, the followers are young activists who promote difference and beauty.

As a result, she belongs to the group of women who do not fall under the popular beauty category. After that, brands noticed her.

She was contacted and offered the position of brand ambassador. Indeed, she became a high-end makeup and mascara model. She is a well-known model now.

All of us are different from each other with different qualities.

We must embrace what makes us different from the others because no one else can be the way we are and the way nature has made us.

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