A girl made her six-year absence from shampoo public on the internet

Because she had not used shampoo in a couple of years, this young woman became well-known online.

She has been talking for years about her shampoo-free hair result. Monica has a fantastic vintage store.

The girl is vegetarian, active, and follows a particular method of ‘without shampoo’ hair washing.

She has been washing her hair with running water for six years.

Despite the fact that some people refer to Monica as ‘unclean,’ others marvel at her curly hair.

As a result, they ask him for guidance on how to clean their hair. She also applies oil to the ends of her hair after towel drying it.

She is of the opinion that a healthy diet is necessary for beautiful hair. She eats only fruits and vegetables and is a vegan.

To prevent the buildup of oil in my hair, I take the time to massage it.

I don’t wash or condition my hair, and I don’t dry it. Also, I don’t use mousses, gels, or texturizing creams,’ Monica says.

It looks like she relies on natural stuff only. What do you think about this story?

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