A girl is finally born in a household of 14 boys, becoming the long-awaited addition to the enormous family

The Davidson family came to terms with the woman giving birth to only males. That fact that they have 14 sons is astounding.

The family frequently appeared in the local press as a result of their extraordinarily high reproduction rate and big number of sons.

The pair started making jokes about what was happening for a while.

She named her youngest kid, for instance, ‘She’s a boy again,’ which can be interpreted.

This is a reference to an Indian ceremony that the family’s grandpa once told them about.

A girl was supposed to be born after him, but the shaman chanted ‘She boy again’ if the charm didn’t work.

But in the end, the family experienced immense delight when a daughter was born.

She is 28 years older than her older brother, which is a huge age gap.

The long-awaited infant was given the name Dina.

Her mother jokes that since everything in the house was set up for the arrival of another son, she no longer expected her daughter to show up.

She acknowledges that the house is continually noisy as a result of the large number of kids, particularly young boys.

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