A generous dog promises to watch over the kittens of his cat mother

The cute mother cat was content to be expecting and free to wander around. Kim, an animal rescuer, made a different choice.

Belly had healthy, stunning tuxedo kittens a few days later. And she did it in classic Belly style—on her terms.

Belly decided to have the kittens after Karla had been gone from the house for only an hour and a half.

She also chose to place them in her cat box as opposed to the delivery box Karla had set aside for her.

Karla assisted in cleaning the offspring when she got home.

After that, she relocated everyone to a friendlier, nicer spot so Belly could tend to his young.

She made every effort to help Belly. Bob Ross required medical attention, and two babies need constant care.

Belly found it challenging to adapt from being a mother to being an indoor cat. Yet it wasn’t a person that actually assisted Belly in adjusting.

Nola the dog was the animal. When mom deserves a rest, Nola has filled in for the babies. She spends time hugging them.

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