A frightened and perplexed newborn deer wanders onto the property and befriends their kitty

Animal Planet’s odd friendships never cease to astound viewers.

There are numerous anecdotes regarding the particular affinity that exists between two species. When it comes to cats, though, people tend to believe they are not friendly creatures rather than the other way around.

Cats are egotistical creatures who refuse to befriend other animals. However, this is not always the case. They are capable of forming friendships with other animals.

A nice example of a kind friendship between a small kitten and a stunning fawn can be found here.

A family recently discovered a small young deer resting on their porch on a rare occasion. It seems terrified and perplexed.

It appears to have lost its mother while going through the family’s land. The family was equally perplexed, since they had no idea what to do or how to react. Their kitty, on the other hand, understood just what to do.

The cat approached the terrified small animal and began to observe it. He was intrigued because he had never seen such an animal before.

The helpless, adorable creature didn’t even move. Despite his confusion, the cat began to approach the unexpected guest with a kind approach, caressing the odd animal with his paw.

He was overjoyed because he had made a new buddy, but their friendship was short-lived because the family chose to release it into the forest, where its mother was most likely hunting for her missing child. Despite the fact that their bond was only brief, it demonstrates that friendship knows no species or borders.

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