A freediver comes face to face with a big blue whale off the shore

Swimming with the wonderful animals of the sea is a dream come true for lovers of marine life. However, sometimes one life is not enough to attain this goal, and it turns out that some people are luckier than others!

This gang of freedivers at sea has always wanted to get up close and personal with a whale. Their wish came true recently, and they even videotaped the once-in-a-lifetime encounter, with incredible results!

All of the divers are experienced divers who have journeyed throughout the world in search of the elusive blue whales. However, they soon encountered the enormous monsters off the coast.

«Swimming alongside awhale was one of our craziest and most unattainable fantasies,» a diver stated. «And here we were fortunate to come across a large bunch of sperm whales.»

«Finally, during our stay at sea, we were able to meet the blue whale’s eyes twice. «It was worth forty hours for a few seconds of interaction,» one of the divers stated.

«I was arranging my return to the boat when I was abruptly confronted by her.» I shifted in my seat, searching for his eyes, which were difficult to spot in such a massive beast! She’s encrusted with remora, and she’s divine.

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