A firefighter rescues and adopts a little dog discovered near a fire scene

Michael, a firefighter, has saved many lives.

He has a weakness for dogs, so when the Fire Department saved a puppy from a garbage fire, Michael realized he could do more to help them.

He once encouraged and embraced a Pit Bull who had been rescued by the Department. So he decided to start over!

The little puppy is now living his best life with Michael’s family, but his journey to get there hasn’t been easy.

Lokki, the guiltless little guy, was discovered near a garbage fire. Despite the fact that he was close to the flares, the puppy was fine after that.

So the firefighters took him to the Shelter to help him get adopted.

Michael was moved by Lokki’s story, so he decided to put him through the shelter until the canine found a permanent home. Previously, the fireman had accomplished something nearly identical.

He raised his Pit Bull, Chuck, who had been left by the previous owners, a long time ago. So, just like Chuck, he needed to bring Lokki comfort. The doggy is lucky to have an owner like him.

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