A family makes every effort to care for 3,500 strays, who live there as they wait to find a permanent home

Every doggy lover’s dream is to visit this sanctuary for animals in Taiwan. There are more animals than people at Ms. Hsun’s sanctuary, founded 5 years ago.

The Hsuns slowly started to take in small groups of stray dogs because there were so many of them in the country.

This number grew until, later, a generous person donated a large building to serve as a suitable shelter.

There are currently around 3,500 dogs living there as they wait for permanent residence.

Angelina Wo began doing this after realizing that there were too many stray dogs in her community, just like the countless other volunteers who give many hours to the pups.

A much-appreciated change that would undoubtedly raise awareness of the effects of animal farming is the increased emphasis at animal sanctuaries like Mrs. Hsun’s sanctuary.

The shelter employs a large number of regular employees and volunteers in addition to having a unique support that produces affordable personalized wheelchairs for canines who require them.

What a nice idea. Hopefully more people will do this. This shelter really helps strays in all of the streets.

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