A doggy who was never seen finds a devoted family after two years in a shelter

For more than two years, this adorable doggy watched as the other doggies were taken one by one from the shelter.

Until she was adopted, Niko the dog spent most of her life in a shelter. She was placed in a loving home after the shelter workers did everything they could.

After two years, Niko remained at the shelter. None of the conversations with potential owners went well for some reason.

The staff at the shelter were surprised to learn that no one wanted to adopt such a lovely dog. One possible factor was that she couldn’t be kept with cats.

Or maybe it’s because she’s a dog that doesn’t do much.

When the prospective owners looked at her face, for some reason, they were unaware of how stunning it was.

Niko, the dog is not demanding. Before going to sleep, all she needs is a brief moment of your attention.

After Niko had been in the shelter for more than two years, the staff worked harder to find her a home.

They achieved success. Niko’s long wait for her family was thought to be justified by the shelter workers.

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