A dog who enjoys sitting on the back of a rescue horse befriends her

Dinki, a dog, and Spoki, a small horse, a great pair of friends who instantly bond.

The horse eventually settled on the ranch and initially refused to listen to the trainers. As it turned out, almost no one could get close to this horse.

However, Dinki succeeded. In addition to obeying her, Spoki doesn’t mind at all when she sits on her back.

The owner of the ranch is a horse trainer who also makes short videos with her two favorite pets, Dinki the dog and Spoki the horse.

Francessca plans to make a movie about their amazing friendship, but for the time being, she runs an Instagram page with thousands of followers under their names.

The horse and the dog have been best friends for eight years. Dinki immediately arrived to assist.

She got on the pony’s back. Since then, they have never parted ways, and they spend every moment together.

She shows her clients her pets whenever they have doubts about their own abilities.

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