A dog takes in a kitten and raises him as her own pup. Very touching

One of the six Doberman’s living at Lily’s house in the US, who has adopted a loving kitten.

At her husband’s place of employment, the woman found the cat about a week ago.

She took him home since she realized she couldn’t leave him there and wanted to keep him protected.

Rubby was taking care of a group of six puppies who had just been born.

It was also straightforward for her to accept the rescued kitten and include it in her expanding family.

Lily came to assume that Rubby would eventually look after the kitten as a result.

The majority of the kitten’s nutritional requirements are met by Rubby’s milk during the first three to four weeks of life.

Kitten has gained 80 grams in just only one week since she started nursing Rubby, so it appears to be working.

The dog carries the cat by the hair of its back, just like it does with its own puppies, as if this weren’t maternal instinct enough.

This is proof that dogs are kind no matter what type they really are.

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