A dog becomes best friends with a kitten who enjoys walking on his back: unlikely companions

Many people believe that cats and dogs cannot coexist, but Jessi, a three-year-old, has formed an amazing connection with Kodak, a four-month-old rescue kitten.

Emily lives with her canine companions, and they enjoy going on adventures together more than anything else.

In adorable footage, the couple can be seen exploring a section of the Canadian bush together.

Even better, Kodak can ‘connect’ to Jessi’s back and ride along with her.

‘Jessi is very lively and friendly; she enjoys bike rides, walks, and swimming,’ Emily said.

Kodak is also excitable and overactive, enjoying wet meals, outdoor play, and the search for ‘feathered toys.’

Emily adopted Kodak due to a house overcrowding problem. Kodak and Jessi clicked right away; she must have assumed she was his child.

Animals really know how to become best friends with each other despite different species.

We have many things to learn from them because they offer unconditional and pure love to the world.

How many pets do you have? Have you ever just wished to have both a dog and a cat? Let us in the comments.

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