A devoted golden retriever and a young guinea pig form an everlasting friendship

Even though we have seen a variety of unusual bonds form between creatures of various species, when one of them arises, it is simply fascinating.

The more different two animals are from one another, the more unique their bond can be, and this has never been more true than it is right now.

This time, it’s a sweet Golden Retriever and a little guinea pig whose unexpected bond is becoming viral online.

Introducing Frank and Pippo.

Since both dogs and guinea pigs are known to be highly social animals, despite their differences, they might make compatible partners.

The Golden Retriever Pippo is very kind and compassionate, but his partner Frank is full of energy who loves to go on adventures.

He also follows his larger furry sister around everywhere since he is enamored with her.

Pippo, though, had no issues with that. Frank prefers to take naps since he can cuddle up under his sister’s fur.

Pippo treats her because she is the kind of nice buddy she is. Wow, what a nice couple they are. What do you think?

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