A cute clip shows the tiny monkey gently comforting the rescued parrot so that the father can give him food

A sympathetic monkey named Ebby wanted to make the baby parrot feel more at ease when it found itself in the ‘cat home’ because of how it got there.

Since she is a monkey, Ebby is quite skilled at cleaning.

Ebby made the decision to take care of the parrot after it was brought to the shelter along with the monkey.

You will find all different species conducting this practice. The monkey that creates the room eventually consumes these insects as snacks.

The monkey has a heart of gold and kindness. Because the parrot required support, the monkey consoled it.

For the parrot, Ebby the monkey did everything. The parrot cherished Ebby, the monkey’s companionship.

The monkey fed the parrot. As the monkey plays with the beak, the parrot allows it. The bird was petted and hugged by the monkey.

Even as the parrot was eating, the monkey Ebby remained constantly near to it.

The monkey helps the parrot’s father feed it. The video has received 66.4 million views because of the endearing bond between these two animal types. Cool, right?

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