A courageous puppy rushes to his owner to protect her from a snake attack

This puppy protected his owner from being bitten by a snake.

«He leaped straight in front of my foot, ensuring that I would get bitten.» «This is how a hero seems,» she wrote.

It all happened while I was walking up the hill in the morning. The owner failed to notice the spotted white rattlesnake laying on the road, and the dog knew what to do: he leaped at his owner’s feet, poisonous fangs sinking into his muzzle.

When her rescuer shrieked from the bite, the woman scooped up the puppy in her arms and dashed to a local veterinary facility with another of her dogs.

The dog was given an antidote injection and was released to heal at home after 12 hours. Everyone was concerned after the owner tweeted about the incident on social media.

She uploaded a photo of the dog to reassure everyone who commented to the post that the hero dog was feeling better. She wrote, «Thank you for your warm words.»

The woman stated that she was aware of the dangers of snakes, but that she had just failed to detect the rattlesnake on the road.

«This snake made no attempt to hide its appearance,» she explained. «When I hear this snap, I usually become aware and move away.»

She didn’t stop there; she created a platform to help dogs bitten by snakes.

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