A couple celebrated their anniversary by reenacting their ‘golden weddings,’ using the exact same vintage photographs

The tale we’re about to share with you today has elements of a fairy tale. When ‘…they got married and lived happily ever after…’, this is exactly what happened.

We will demonstrate to you today that this occurs in reality as well as in fairy tales.

Carol and Kelle have been married for 50 years, and they choose to commemorate the occasion in a special and emotional way.

The couple recreated the images from 50 years earlier in their wedding gowns, which they had worn ever since.

Like a true woman, Carol was overjoyed to find that, after all these years, she could still comfortably fit into her wedding dress.

The couple returned to the chapel where their wedding was held to recreate their wedding photographs.

Additionally, they accurately recreated the poses and perspectives of the vintage images thanks to a photographer.

Users were most moved by the fact that Carol and Kelle still had the same love gaze and adoration for one another, 50 years after their wedding.

Wow, what a masterpiece, right? Would you ever like to have such a photosession?

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