A cat who recognized a kitten as his own and couldn’t get enough of his attention

Lea, a cat, was brought to the shelter in bad shape. She had been tidied up and looked after.

Lea was overjoyed to have a full tummy and couldn’t imagine going hungry again.

As she gained weight, she became very curious about everything and was looking forward to making friends. ‘Pollar was immediately curious about the new little cat, and examined as much as he was allowed to for the first fourteen days, because she had to be alone.’

Lea was becoming more eager to spend time with her feline companions. Lea was officially acquainted with Pollar when she was fully treated, who had been expecting a proper meet-and-greet.

The encouraging feline encouraged the kitten to do the right thing and began cleaning up her ears.

Pollar takes his mother’s responsibilities very seriously.

He now enjoys tenderly leaping toward her and strolling directly over the highest point of her as she strolls, because she fits under his long legs.

Lea is ecstatic at all times when she is with her dearest Pollar. She lays down happily, knowing she is loved.

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