A cat and two dogs have become closest friends and are completely devoted to each other

Watty and Kikao are the names of this adorable pair of retrievers.

They’ve been buddies for a long time, but their union would be incomplete if it weren’t for Harry, the cat who thinks he’s their brother and has taken on all of their puppy mannerisms.

This trio is pleasant and friendly. Two pups and a cat will never be bored, and everyone will enjoy their activities. These endearing pals also sleep together.

Retrievers sleep in the corners, and Harry’s cute cat can lie imposingly between them, causing dogs to perform cat tricks on him.

Another three enjoy traveling with their owner, with whom they have gone throughout the United States.

The owner of these amazing creatures created a separate page for them on social media, and these adorable animals quickly became quite famous, gaining over 200 thousand followers who enjoy following their activities.

As you can see, cats and dogs are not enemies; they may get along and even become friends, as this case demonstrates. Have you seen any cool case like this? What an amazing and long lasting friendship.

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