A brave little kitten was trapped in the middle of a highway when a biker stopped the traffic to help it

While the rest of the traffic drove by, unconcerned about the scared and confused kitten caught in the middle of the highway, one kind biker came to the aid of the unfortunate critter.

The incident occurred on one of Belgium’s busiest motorways.

It’s not known how the poor kitten ended up in the middle of the road; she was supposedly discarded in the trees near the road and then found herself on the busy road.

The biker was able to adjust direction and come to a halt in order to avoid harming the small creature.

The biker then came closer to have a better look. Another driver came to a halt when he saw the cat, and they both attempted to stop traffic in order to save the terrified kitten.

The biker swiftly took the defenceless critter in his arms to see whether she was hurt.

The ginger kitten was in terrific health, but she was befuddled and terrified.

Despite the fact that the biker was very compassionate and wanted to receive the rescued kitten, he was unable to do so due to an allergy to adorable cats.

He couldn’t abandon the poor thing, either. Fortunately, the other vehicle was willing to pick up the kitten and transport it to safety.

The cat is now safe and happy thanks to the brave motorcyclist.

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