A brand-new record: This Japanese man has earned his university diploma in pottery at the age of 96

He is from Japan and recently graduated from a university with a degree in ceramic art.

An ever increasing number of seniors are understanding that they actually have the amazing chance to accomplish their fantasies.

You’ll see a lot of elderly people signing up for classes again.

As a result, grandparents frequently accompany the youngest graduates, who range in age from 19 to 25.

Moreover, that is a valuable life lesson. It’s never beyond any good time to make every moment count. Additionally, old age and time should not be an issue.

because we are constantly shown young artists on television and in the media. We ultimately conclude that the elderly are no longer trustworthy.

He was born in Hiroshima in 1919. It’s adorable that he was a navy soldier during the second world war and grandfathered four times.

Everything that has to do with craftsmanship and handicrafts is very popular and even considered to be very noble in Japan.

As a result, the man studied pottery and the art of ceramics for eleven years before retiring. He is now recognized as an expert practitioner.

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