A box of strawberries is the preferred sleeping companion of this cat because she likes vitamins

When mom-cat Carly returned from the supermarket one day, she was surprised to see her tiny furry baby displaying a keen interest in her purchases.

She soon realized that Rebus was being attracted by a group of strawberries singing their siren song.

The carton of delicious red berries seemed to have attracted the 10-year-old kitten’s attention totally for some reason.

Carly took the box away because she wasn’t sure if strawberries were suitable for cats and then she called his sister, a veterinarian.

Rebus was permitted to play with the strawberries, according to Carly’s sister, therefore Carly returned the box to her.

Rebus was delighted to get the box of strawberries.

Kitty didn’t appear interested in eating the berries, so it wasn’t as if he had a sudden desire for something sweet and delicious.

He preferred to simply brush against them and throw them about like toys . All day, he plays and brushes against them.

When he gets sleepy, he curls up next to them and goes to sleep with them. It may seem strange to use a bouquet of strawberries as a safety blanket, but there may be a reason for it.

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