A black stray kitty visits the nice woman who feeds her every day with her six adorable babies

A kind woman was relaxing in the backyard on a lovely day when she noticed something in the bushes.

She approached to take a closer look because she was curious. Her attention was attracted by a stunning black cat with green eyes.

The following day, when she saw the small companion wandering around her property, she realized it was stray.

Since that time, the lady had gained her trust by regularly leaving food and water in the yard for her.

When her belly kept getting bigger, the woman realized she was pregnant.

She gave birth in the yard, although she frequently came inside for food and drink.

One day, the mother was surprised to see the cat and six fluffy, young babies standing on her porch.

It appeared like the mother cat wanted her young to get to know the kind woman who had been caring for herself all this time.

She knew exactly what they wanted her to do, which was to give them a place to live.

So she went ahead and did it. The sympathetic woman requested assistance from the rescue group. Volunteers took care of these tiny animals.

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