A baby seal is rescued by a curious herd of cows, who assist in returning it to the ocean

Man will always find nature mysterious. Today’s tale also highlights the marvels of the animal world and demonstrates why all species—including humans—should live in harmony with one another.

A young seal experiencing a curious series of circumstances while away from its aquatic habitat.

A curious herd of cows forced her to return to her original location. The name of the seal pup is Silo.

She was only a few days old when her mother and she were separated in July. She was unknown to everyone, which was quite astonishing.

Silo got stuck in the mud and a herd of thirty cows gathered to see the strange newcomer.

Sam Wilson, who was birdwatching, noticed a peculiar herd of cows and used his telescope to get a better look.

He was surprised to spot a little seal amid the curious cows.

The rescuer decided to attend on the spot right away and brought the little puppy for treatment because he did not see his mother around.

Sam brought Silo to a Seal Sanctuary’s temporary housing, where she was fed and given medicine for her condition.

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