A 52-year-old Korean woman dubbed ‘Goddess of Living Forever’ appears younger than her lovely daughter

In recent years, this Korean woman has attracted admiration online. The issue is that, at 52, she still has a youthful appearance.

People are curious as to how this is possible. Her own daughter likewise admires the mother’s looks.

Kim Won Young, a dentist from South Korea, is the name of our girl. Up until recently, she led a life similar to that of other people.

But when she actively took charge of social media, more and more people got to know her. Currently, the beauty has 150,000 fans.

On the Internet, there were frequently contentious discussions involving Kim Won young.

Additionally, she occasionally received invitations to participate in interviews and television productions.

Of course, everyone is curious about the Korean woman’s secret to beauty and youth.

She claimed that in order to be like her, you had to continuously maintain a positive attitude, have fun, and remember to take care of your skin.

She has a high school-aged daughter. Everyone assumes they are sisters when they walk together.

Kim Won Young appears to be very young. By the way, the dentist loves working out, as seen by her physique.

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