A 36-year-old woman has had 11 children in 13 years and isn’t stopping

Jennie and Luke Rogers have 11 children together: In addition, the youngest daughter is only six months old.

There are six boys and five girls. Jennie also stated recently that she would like to have two more children. at minimum.

The children’s upkeep and development are covered by the spouses’ monthly spending of at least $1,300.

What’s more, the mother is trying to set aside cash: She buys clothes at sales and eats at home because it’s cheaper than restaurant food and cheaper than ordering it.

Every child studies at home.

In order to accomplish this, the parents had to modify the lessons so that the children did not sit at their desks for an extended period of time.

They have a large van with 15 seats for trips with the family.

Jennie’s own stories indicate that she must hear a lot of criticism from her mother regarding such child love.

The phrase ‘you can’t devote enough time to each child!’ is the most common criticism. Nevertheless, Jennie disagrees.

She says that she is with her kids all day, every day. Additionally, she and her husband intend to continue.

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