A 20-year-old cat was adopted by this family in order to give him a lot of love and happiness

Many people like to adopt pets when they are young, but this loving family decided to adopt Billy, a 20-year-old cat, so that they could give him the care he needed as he aged.

Billy was able to live out his years in great enjoyment as a result, and he surely left his family with a gap that will never be filled.

With a husband, four dogs, two kids, and other family members, a woman was excited to expand her family with a cat but was unsure of the outcome.

Janna decided to go to the cat shelter because there were a lot of cats there who needed homes.

When Janna met Billy, an elderly cat who was kind, she decided to adopt him. Billy didn’t appear to care and appeared to only desire a house.

Janna thought it highly improbable that a 20-year-old cat, at her age, could live with four dogs and two energetic kids.

As I knelt down, Billy stepped in between my knees and put his paws there while yelling at me.

After agreeing to bring Billy home, she convened a family meeting to lay out the plot and establish the ground rules.

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