52 beaches were cleaned by a 70 years old woman on her own, and you can see the primary and most fascinating reason why here

People can accomplish a lot in a single year. Someone finally advances in their career, or someone welcomes a child into the world after a lengthy wait.

And a person achieves the required fitness level. However, very few people worldwide, including the 70-year-old eco-activist Pati, took the same action in a single year.

She was successful in clearing 52 beaches in the home of her birth. This old woman spent the entire year resting on Cornwall’s and Devon’s well-known beaches.

She carried a number of rubber gloves, a number of bin liners, and a special stick with a pointed end for taking garbage.

The woman not only works alone but also founded the environmental campaign.

The woman joked that anyone who pays for fitness lessons should support her cause.

It’s free, environmentally friendly, and excellent for staying in shape.

Pati lists a man’s hat, an earring, lines for laying tile, electrical cables, and a dog carrier as some of the oddest items among the beach items.

And how do they manage to leave all of the stuff on the shore or in the water?

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