31-year-old Emily Ratajowski shows her most sensational look yet with new super short pixie hair style

The model, 31, never misses a chance to surprise her fans.

So, the star showed up on the cover of Pop Magazine the other day, and even the most devoted fans didn’t recognize her.

The celebrity actually posed with a pixie style.

Although Emily was not dressed in any way, the image did not appear in the least bit vulgar—a characteristic of Ratajkowski’s well-known style.

The picture seemed a little carefree and relaxed. Naturally, this change was greatly appreciated by Internet users.

They started to make various commendations to the photographic artist and Emily herself.

In addition, Ratajkowski looks great in a casual outfit, as fans have pointed out.

Even though many fans previously believed that she would look much worse without long hair. This cover is crafted by a picture taker.

The actual photo session took place in December of the previous year in New York.

Therefore, the pixie is just a wig, much to everyone’s regret. In reality, Emily would probably not try a style of this kind.

However, Ratajkowski looks great even with such short hair, according to admirers. Since she divorced her husband, she has been with a lot of men.

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