When this lady discovered her own tiny cat hugging an outside kitty, she was taken aback

When this kitten arrived at his new home, he was unusually calm and relaxed.

‘He was plainly quite pleasant with humans,’ his owner observed. This surprised me because most outdoor cats at that age are still wild.’

‘Garry sought solace wherever he could and eventually became friends with Scott’s cat, Pick. Pick was adopted by Scott about nine years ago. Scott wanted to make the cat a house pet, but she could sense he was uneasy.

‘He was always hiding, he never came out,’ Scott stated.

‘Once he was allowed to go outside and spend as much time as he required in our yard.

He transformed into a completely different kitty.

‘Garry turned out to have more health problems than Scott had initially suspected.

He was quickly brought to the vet. Garry arrived home after a rough few days, and Pick was happy to see his baby again.

‘I can tell Pick needs to be near Garry now that he’s feeling a lot better. He’s more quiet about the situation,’ Scott continued.

‘He isn’t keeping a close check on him.’ Scott has high hopes for their future. Especially now that Garry has begun to repay the favor by preparing Pick.

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