When the student met with the veterinarian after raising a puppy for six months, it was discovered that the animal was actually a wolf

A street dog was adopted by a student, age 18, who brought it home.

The puppy had unusual behavior from the start and had started searching around the yard.

Yet this information went unnoticed.

The student had been home-raising a real wild wolf for six months when, by coincidence, he had to meet with a veterinarian.

Gregory gave his pet the name Neon and created an exclusive shelter for him in the yard. Neon was always discovered with the neighbor’s shepherd dogs.

In addition, Neon did not communicate with anyone besides Gregory.

Neon was already located during this getaway by staff members of the nearby animal shelter.

Gregory was reached by calling the phone number on the pet’s collar, but the veterinarian advised him about hurrying.

Neon had to be given to a unique group that works with wolves’ acclimatization to the outdoors.

He continued to miss his owner for a long time before following his instinct and entering the jungle.

It is not known what happened after. What a nice story, right? What would you do in this unusual situation?

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