When the last dog in the shelter goes home, he finally smiles

A dog named Capsone spent many years at a shelter. He had been walking for seven years without finding his owners that left him. Many animals in the shelter with him were able to bond.

These were, however, young and little dogs that were rather easy to adopt. He did find the owners a few years ago, but he did not stay there for more than a year and was returned to the shelter.

The dog did not want to communicate with anyone, but his faith in the shelter personnel gradually returned. For a long time, the shelter staff sought to find him a home.

His photos were constantly shared on social media, and their efforts paid off in the end. The couple decided to adopt the puppy.

They had even prepared a medallion with her name on it when they arrived at the shelter to bring him up.

The shelter staff was concerned about Capsone’s ability to adjust to new surroundings, but it was evident from the first meeting that the canine welcomed his new owners with open arms.

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