When she was only 13, she had this child: now appear to be peers, mother and daughter

The Australian woman in this tale had her first child at the age of 13. Emily had no idea what she was expecting.

She was in the seventh grade when his tummy started to expand more and more each day. Emily was raised in a small Australian town.

Emily attended the Catholic Church when she was younger. When Emily went to a different school, everything changed.

He led a life fitting a real man. After two dates with the man she was dating, she became expectant.

She initially had no idea what was going on, but she soon began to believe that everything was connected to the baby.

Emily wasn’t about to tell her parents about it, so she informed her friends. Even the reality of the situation reached her.

She had her 2.2 kilogram baby on October 4, 2003. Now 16 years old, Emily’s daughter is happy to have such a young mother.

Emily said that she wouldn’t want her daughter to follow her way. What do you think about this case? Do you imagine yourself like this? Is it normal to you or not?

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