When a young girl recognizes the dog she thought she had lost forever, she gets emotional

After nearly two months, a young girl can no longer control her emotions when she discovers her lost dog.

The emotional reunion was filmed on camera, and the youngster can be seen holding her cherished dog in her arms once more, filled with emotion.

When Milky the dog went lost in San Antonio, Texas, his family was concerned that he wouldn’t be found again.

They searched for him for almost two months but were unsuccessful. In the hopes that someone would discover him, they also informed the police and got flyers across the neighborhood.

Fortunately, it was an officer who won the day by finding tiny Milky and returning him to his family.

Herrera got a call about a dog wandering the streets, and when he got there, he saw Milky right away because he knew him.

Deputy informed the dog’s family that their pet was safe right away. The fact that Milkie was still alive brought great relief to his family.

Two girls, who couldn’t believe they were cuddling Milky in their arms once more, had the best reaction, though. The girls can be seen laughing with happiness.

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