When a stray dog comes upon a stray kitten, he takes care of him and rescues his life

Golden, a brave dog, is the main character in this remarkable narrative. This lovely dog rescued a kitten, nourished him, and became a true mother. The animal rescue center received information about the stray dog.

Experts initially assumed Golden was stuck in a hole, but it was later discovered that this was how she protected the kitten.

An employee of this organization, Michaela Watts, walked down there to save the dog, but it turned out there were two animals there.

Michaela then spotted the kitten gently drinking the milk from the dog. The woman was both enthralled and taken aback. Truth is that the dog was near the kitten and did not try to leave.

The dog and kitten were taken to the shelter, where they were examined and the appropriate procedures were performed. Despite the staff’s efforts, the dog continued to look after the kitten.

This adorable pair was soon adopted by caring individuals. Golden and her «foster» are now part of a happy family.

Thanks to the caring doggy the kitten is now okay. Also, thanks to the people who took care of them.

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