Watch the touching reunion below when a man rescues two cubs and returns to meet them seven years later

A person has a strong emotional bond with an animal they have raised. One such person who devotes his life to rescuing and safeguarding animals is Samuel Richardson.

He observed the lioness leaving her pups behind. Sam wouldn’t be hesitant to approach the cubs and offer his assistance.

The cubs might have been taken and given to the zoo, but he chose to leave them there instead since he knew it would be better for them.

Helping animals get ready for independent, human-free lives in nature is the goal of this facility. After a long time, Sam made the decision to go see the animals he rescued.

He was worried they wouldn’t know who he was. He approached them and, fortunately, was able to get a picture of their response.

The lion decided to get close to Sam. She gave him a bear embrace as she dove into the sea. These lions, in Sam’s opinion, are his soul mates.

Additionally, their relationship is permanent, thus it makes no difference if they were parted by space and time.

Sam claimed that he has been around the cubs for long enough for them to grow accustomed to and trust him.

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