Visitors to the hospital are deceived into believing a cat is pregnant when in fact he is simply fat

A meaty, obese cat resides at an animal clinic and does nothing but sleep.

Visitors to the hospital were puzzled because, although it is difficult to miss a cat who has been well-fed, his seeming fatness could be deceiving. This is a very funny story.

The cat is a veterinarian’s possession. When she took him up from a nearby shelter, he weighed 29 pounds!

And the new owner soon found out that the cat had a far wider heart for people than his waist.

The cat enjoys exploring the clinic and acting professionally when greeting visitors, according to the vet.

He takes pleasure in taking up the entire entryway, attracting everyone’s attention with his impressive figure!

The owner of the cat felt it was important to post a sign explaining the situation on the window where the cat usually sat.

His weight loss has now totaled 25 pounds thanks to the owner’s efforts.

The cat is obese, but otherwise in excellent health and has excellent mobility.

The cat has exceptionally good hearing, and he can hear food falling from the clinic’s other end.

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