Until aid arrives, the dog will not leave his injured pregnant friend’s side

An animal rescue organization got a complaint of a dog laying by the side of the road towards the end of January.

The dog stayed still, not even attempting to stand up. A fluffy red dog was discovered next to her by the service workers. He waited for aid for hours, staring at passing automobiles and not leaving anywhere.

The dog, according to the lifeguard who responded to the call, was in critical condition. She was gasping for air and in excruciating pain.

Faith wasn’t sure if the dog would make it. When the rescuers attempted to get the dog into the car, her dog guardian chased after her, not wanting to abandon his comrade for even a second.

He sat down and placed his head on the dog’s massive tummy. The canines were x-rayed at the veterinary clinic where they were transported. Doctors discovered a number of damaged bones as well as an unexpected bonus — eleven pups waiting to be delivered. The dog became a mother a few days later.

Despite the continual agony in her paws, she attempted to pay as much care to the puppies as she could, and the dog was always around.

It took almost two years for the dog to recover. The dog was able to totally recover thanks to the foster family’s care and the assistance of physicians.

Her new owners describe her as «just as lovely and gorgeous as the day we first took her home.» «The dog jumps and plays as if she’s never broken.»

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