To help his 90-year-old owner, a faithful dog barked for five hours straight

After a kind-hearted senior adopted a chihuahua, the dog found a method to return the obligation.

The little dog deserves to be dubbed a hero after barking nonstop for nearly five hours to save her 90-year-old owner.

The rescued dog and her owner were inseparable for many years, until the animal demonstrated that it could be much more than a companion when it rescued its owner’s life.

Maria walked out into the yard one morning to check the mailbox, but she lost her footing and laid on the ground. Maria’s situation was made worse by the fact that she had left her phone at home, leaving her unable to leave and at the whim of fate.

Milky, on the other hand, saw her owner’s need for assistance right away and decided to assist her.

She began to bark until someone heard her and rushed to her rescue. Milky stayed by Maria’s side for about five hours, barking continuously.

In the end, the dog’s heroic efforts paid off when the couple heard her voice and went to find out why.

Fortunately, help arrived just in time, and Maria was transported to the clinic right away.

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