To allow the doggy to birth in the comfort of their home, a family travels by car for 12 hours

The birth of a stray doggy was guided by a lucky star. The dog wouldn’t have been able to nurse any more children because it was about to turn cold in Texas.

She had the good fortune to meet Amber and her husband, who introduced her to a great, loving family.

Two weeks prior to the delivery, Amber prepared a comfortable labor room in the home, including a soft, separated area.

It was becoming very chilly in Texas.

When the electricity went out, the dog gave birth to its first pup. After being delivered, the first puppy was rapidly losing warmth.

They turned on the hot water and all of the faucets.

Amber realized there was nothing she could do to help when the fourth puppy was born.

What was necessary for these people to maintain composure in a warm room, birth a dog, and take care of the little children!

Luckily it turned out well. Amber, on the other hand, was determined to give the puppy the best care after adopting her from the shelter. And she stuck to her promise no matter what.

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