Tigers who have spent their entire lives in the zoo enjoy being able to swim for the first time

This heartwarming scene occurred when a couple of rescued tigers were released from the zoo and swam into the river for the first time.

In New York State, Cati and Lilo were rescued from a zoo.

The tigers were eleven years old at the time, and they were transported to a new setting in a sanctuary in Nevada, where conditions were as close to natural as possible.

After so many tough years, they finally had the chance to experience what it’s like to be tigers and enjoy all of the benefits that nature provides.

Kelley, a volunteer, went to see the tigers in their new environment and saw them attempt to swim for the first time.

‘Most people believe cats dislike water, which is mostly accurate. Except for the tigers, who love to play in the water,’ the worker explained.

As you could expect from this story, wild cats enjoy washing and have this skill naturally, despite the fact that they have not used it in a long time.

It’s wonderful that there are groups dedicated to assisting wild animals and rescuing them from bad living situations.

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