Three stray canines formed a bond and were eventually rescued as a group

Dogs are man’s best companions, but they can be best friends with one another as well. Dog relationships can be so amazing that they make us humans question our own abilities. We can certainly learn a lot from them.

Ami, Barr, and Janiper were once three stray dogs who met on the street and immediately became friends. Eldad Hagar of the animal protection group and his colleagues were not surprised to find the dogs remaining together when they arrived at the address.

The friendliest of the three was Rottweiler Barr, while Ami and Janiper appeared to be more careful.

The rescuers obviously wanted to bring them all back to their shelters, but there was another issue: Ami had recently given birth, and they needed to figure out where she kept the puppies.

They quickly discovered seven puppies, all of whom were plump and healthy. A great foster home accepted Ami and her puppies. Naturally, Eldad and his pals assisted them in finding a great permanent house.

It was a little upsetting when three friends had to part ways, but they all knew that someone would be there for them in challenging times.

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