This unique friendship between a rescue dog and a turtle is the most adorable thing you’ll see today

In 2010, a dog named Lulu entered his human’s life. On the other side, a family friend saw Lulu in the street and she was saved.

When their friend volunteered to take Lulu home because the man couldn’t care for her properly, Lulu ended up with a new family and a turtle sibling.

Despite having a few health issues, Lulu lived to be a healthy large dog that enjoys spending time with his brother Malu.

They had gotten along well ever since they were paired up.

Malu never worried about Lulu and was delighted to have a pal to hang out with. An ideal pairing!

They occasionally even give each other hugs since they are so close.

Malu’s parents only have to tell Lulu to ‘find Malu’ anytime the turtle hides in a difficult spot, and she will quickly discover it. Lulu frequently checks on Malu.

His brother and dearest buddy. See their pictures below to see whether you share our true admiration for them.

Seriously, would you ever think that a turtle and a dog can be best friends?

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