This dog’s owners left him along the river, and he continues to wait for them on the pier

Unfortunately, we frequently come across accounts of animals being left behind. This dog’s owner left him near the river.

And the image of the animal has gone viral on the internet. This occurred in Thailand.

The dog was waiting for his owner on the pier, who had left him near the river while they were rowing.

Locals claim that the animal searches for food in the garbage, hides in corners, and sleeps in the open air in all weather, but refuses to go.

People feed her, pet her, and adore her, but she refuses to join them and returns to her customary spot over and over.

The dog is waiting for his owner once more and is not giving up hope. He will return and take him away, she believes.

One woman, however, had been following her for quite some time and couldn’t help but feel bad for him.

Despite this, she managed to win the heart of a dog and give him the nickname Perce.

Hopefully, the loyal and smart dog will find a permanent home one day and will be surrounded by caring owners.

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