This dog gave birth to ten puppies, an extremely uncommon litter of multicolored Lab puppies

This breed has three colors: yellow, brown, and black. Cases in which a female gives birth to puppies of all colors at the same time, on the other hand, are extremely uncommon.

A four-year-old dog birthed almost a dozen puppies. Mom has a thick covering of black fur.

Contrary to common opinion, these dogs can produce puppies with fur that is a different hue from their parents’. That is, infants produced from a yellow mom and a yellow dad might be yellow, black, or chocolate.

However, the delivery of puppies of all three colors at the same time is unusual. Breeding Labradors is a profession for some dog owners.

They hoped to get a dog with DNA that would allow it to have puppies of all three hues.

The dog grew into such a dog. The infants’ father also carried genes in all three hues. It took around ten years of crossbreeding to get a colorful offspring.

Now she will no longer have children because she required a cesarean section to give birth to this child. Despite this, the owners got what they wanted: at least half of the puppies would have the same DNA.

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