This cat has the appearance of a real-life counterpart of a popular cartoon character

Because of his looks, a cat has become a social media celebrity. The fact that the cat looks like two peas, like in the popular cartoon film.

The cat was a shy kitten when he was removed from the shelter, according to the animal’s owner, and he was hesitant to approach people.

After being accustomed to them, the pet became more assertive and eagerly made contact with everyone who wanted to pet him.

«We showed him that everything was fine, didn’t touch him, and didn’t compel him to embrace,» says the guy.

Soon after, the cat’s owners created their own Instagram account for him, where they post images of him. And the pet’s real renown came after the photo, in which he imitated the famous character’s famous face.

More than a couple of hundred thousand people have already liked the cat’s Facebook page. When they see a new post, they shower him with accolades.

The cat has a very unique appearance. The owners of the cat say that he is very friendly and likes people a lot. What do you think?

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