This adorable dog gave birth to 12 puppies instead of the expected six: What a wonderful tale

For Cello’s owners, working with her has become a real experience.

According to what the veterinarian saw on the ultrasound, the dog was supposed to give birth to six or eight puppies, but up to 20 little bulldogs were delivered.

The dog’s owner reported that there was much commotion in their home during the day-long delivery period. On the evening of March 18, the owners noticed something.

The first puppy was born as a result of the dog becoming worried. Others followed in his wake.

While waiting for the procedure to be finished, the owner slowly sighed as the dog gave birth to her ninth child.

However, it was clear from the dog’s appearance that the delivery process was well underway.

After the dog calmed down after the twelve puppies, her family immediately headed to the vet clinic.

Eight more puppies were born as a result of the dog being given medication that induced greater labor.

The eleven others are all in excellent health. Once the bulldogs are adults, the woman plans to rehome them.

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